New Network: New Roads for Everyday Democracy

Posted 20 April 2018

Sk rmbillede 2018 04 21 kl. 20.22.00

Assembly Voting ApS and Resonans A/S have created a network, with the purpose of increasing dialogue and participation in the everyday democracy in unions, associations and local communities.

We want to raise a new democratic innovation agenda that focus on contemporary democratic participation without compromising ny fundamental democratic principles. Our method will be experiments with new democratic processes and observation of participants democratic behaviour. In this way, we aim to gain a great extent of practical experience by participating in a local, democratic community.

In the process of developing new, contemporary opportunities for democratic participation, we are making use of new technologies, empirical knowledge from Danish and international experiences with renewal of democracy, as well as rethinking democratic participation on a local level.

The target group of the new network consists of consultants, managers, executives and directors, all working with the development of democracy in municipalities, unions, housing associations and associations.