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New Network: New Roads for Everyday Democracy

Assembly Voting ApS and Resonans A/S have created a network, with the purpose of increasing dialogue and participation in the everyday democracy in unions, associations and local communities.

Posted 20 April 2018
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Java Spring Developer

Assembly Voting, a growing company with SAAS solutions for Danish and International clients in demand of democratic infrastructure, are looking for a new developer.

Posted 21 March 2018
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Assembly Voting Reaches 20 Million Voters

By the end of 2017 Assembly Voting passed a new milestone in the number of voters: 20 Mio voters have now been through our digital election systems. Moreover, our systems has validated more than 20,000 candidates for elections in associations, councils and organizations.

Posted 4 January 2018
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Digital elections in the Senior Citizens Councils

It is the season of elections in the Senior Citizens Councils around the Danish municipalities. This year, a far larger number of municipalities than previously have chosen to digitize the candidacy registration and validation, as well as the voting process. This is not least because of the recognition of a growth in trust between the senior citizens and digital participation.

Posted 23 October 2017
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Prequalified to bid on Denmark's new national election system

A new national election system is on its way in Denmark for Parliament Elections, Municipal and Regional Council Elections, EU Parliament Elections and Referendums.

Posted 24 August 2017
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2 new colleagues in the Assembly Voting

In order to meet the growing international demand for Assembly Voting products, we are happy to announce that 2 new colleagues will be joining us. It is far from an easy task to find candidates with experience in voting processes, and we are therefore very pleased to welcome:

Posted 4 August 2017
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Digital voting in UK unions? Danish experiences in UK government review

Experiences from more than 300 digital elections in Danish unions were well received by the independent group set up by the UK government to make recommendations for future elections in UK unions.

Posted 3 July 2017
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Privacy, privacy, privacy

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force May 25. 2018. The purpose of this regulation is to protect personal data from intentional and unintentional abuse, by new restrictive requirements for systems that contains data as well as for practices for handling of data in public institutions, companies and associations.

Posted 14 June 2017
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First digital Bishop election in Denmark

Assembly Voting has conducted the first digital bishop election in Denmark on behalf of the Danish Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Posted 18 May 2017
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Digitalized democracy: Collective agreement elections in Denmark 2017

In Denmark, a group of the country’s largest unions recently completed the negotiation of collective agreements on behalf of more than 500.000 workers. Following this, OK17 was held, a large election where workers are given the opportunity to cast their vote on the results for their specific area.

Posted 21 April 2017
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Swedish Parliament party uses Assembly Voting self-service solution

The Swedish party Liberalerna, represented in Rigsdagen (The Swedish Parliament), has signed an agreement with Assembly Voting for a self-service digital democratic infrastructure. The service is implemented and Liberalerna are using the service for candidate registrations and more than 300 yearly elections among the members of the party. Liberalerna has decided to use a self-service solution where local election administrators handle every part of the candidate registrations and the election system themselves.

Posted 9 February 2017
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Expanding UK engagement

Voting members of societies, associations, groups and clubs in UK are already practicing their democratic rights using Assembly Voting. A recently signed partnership agreement with UK Engage, one of the largest providers of electoral services in the UK, will expand our UK activities in the years ahead.

Posted 4 January 2017
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4 times as many participants by digital democracy in housing associations

In collaboration with the housing organization fsb, Assembly Voting has completed Denmark's first 100% digital general meeting in the housing association Øselgården in Copenhagen.

Posted 19 December 2016
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Full service solution for TryghedsGruppen

Assembly Voting has signed an agreement with TryghedsGruppen regarding a full service solution for the upcoming Board of Representatives election in Southern Denmark. The election will be held from d. 23rd of January to the 10th of February 2017.

Posted 9 December 2016
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Digitalized local democracy: Increase of 47 % in digital votes

The local government of Copenhagen has for the second time held an election for the Elderly Citizen’s Council, which included the municipality’s 85.000 elderly citizens (+60 years old). They were introduced to a hybrid election solution, where the electors got to choose whether they wanted to vote by postal ballot papers or by electronic voting cards via Nem-ID (a Danish national digital signature). The overall solution is developed by Assembly Voting and contains a module for the candidates to register and present their candidacy for the electors, accompanied by an election system for the completion of the hybrid election.

Posted 10 November 2016
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Danish export of digital election systems

Scandinavian voters in local communities and associations are increasingly practicing their democratic rights using election systems by Assembly Voting.

Posted 1 September 2016
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Digital democracy in housing associations

A new law by the Ministry of Housing provides the legal ground for using secure digital solutions for conducting the mandatory meetings and elections in the 8000 social housing associations in Denmark.

Posted 15 August 2016
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Election of board in the Danish Society of Engineers

100,000 engineers have elected the board for the Danish Society of Engineers.

Posted 1 May 2016
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800.000 entitled to vote in Denmark’s largest e-election

Up to 29 March 2016 citizens and companies in the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area can elect consumer representatives for HOFOR. With 800.000 eligible voters this is Denmark’s largest digital election.

Posted 3 March 2016
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Update of the local democracy

There is a wind of change many places in the Danish locally based democracy. We experience an increasing interest from municipalities wishing to ”be quick off the mark” within citizen and user involvement in the development of local solutions. Examples are ideas for development of a local area, development of new cultural activities or requests for solutions for specific, local problems.  Input from active citizens is increasingly considered to be an important resource.

Posted 9 February 2016
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Union democracy 2.0 in Skjold Football Club

At an extraordinary general meeting in Skjold Football Club, it was decided to introduce the most extensive digitalization so far of a union democracy in Denmark.

Posted 14 December 2015
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Pulse for refugees

Assembly Voting is technically supplier of the solution to

Posted 14 September 2015
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New electoral system: Assembly Voting Mixnet

Following many months of hard work, we can now proudly unveil the result of our efforts:

Posted 11 August 2015
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100 years of popular democracy

The constitutional amendment of 5th of June 1915 made Denmark a popular democracy. Until then, the right to elect decision-makers in Denmark was confined to an exclusive group of male proprietors. With the amendment of the constitution, "demos" were extended to also include women, apprentices, servants, etc., who previously had been politically incapacitated. 

Posted 5 June 2015
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Is your Municipality present where your citizens are?

Digital involvement of citizens is inevitable in a modern democracy and the good experiences worth sharing.

Posted 7 April 2015
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Finnish? We are just getting started

Assembly Voting has started up election solutions for Finnish customers. In collaboration with Strålfors OY we currently conduct an election for 122.000 Finnish voters in the timber industry.

Posted 24 March 2015
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One million voters: collective agreements in public sector

Currently, Danish labour unions and employers association are negotiating collective agreements for up to a million employees in Municipalities, in Regional governance and in the State. As always, it is difficult to predict exactly when a negotiation result is in place and ready to be subject for a vote among the union members.

Posted 12 February 2015
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Happy New Year!

It is with great expectations that we welcome 2015. We have continuously worked to promote democratic participation and active citizenship with contemporary digital solutions. During the past several months we have been engaged in developing new technologies for this purpose and we are keen to show the results during spring. Below is a selection of the most important new technologies and activities for 2015.

Posted 5 January 2015
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Participating Citizens: Cities for and with people

The Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs is hosting a conference on how the optimal decision processes can ensure better and longer lasting solutions for people in cities.

Posted 24 November 2014
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“Democracy” – the best idea in the world

The votes are in. Readers of the Danish Newspaper JP has elected “Democracy” to be the best idea in the world. Even above ideas like “freedom” and “love”. In Assembly Voting we work to improve and redesign the framework of democracy and we couldn’t agree more with the readers.

Posted 17 November 2014
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The Danish Embassy in London has invited Assembly Voting to participate in one of Britain’s biggest conferences for IT managers and decision makers in local governments.

Posted 21 October 2014
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The Digital Revolution in Housing Associations

For many years, "business as usual" has been the way to conduct formal meetings and elections in the housing sector. During this period of time, there has been a significant decrease in democratic participation in the sector. This applies both to the number of resident proposals, attendance at meetings and residents who wish to stand as committee members in local housing departments.

Posted 17 September 2014
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Orange feeling

Dream City is alive! The user driven area at Roskilde Festival is called “Dream City” and it’s a place where only the imagination limits activities, events and buildings. Aion has developed the Dream City website where the co-creation begins.

Posted 2 July 2014
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New colleagues wanted

The Assembly Voting product range makes Aion into Denmark’s leading developer of IT products and services used for democratic elections in for example Municipalities, associations and enterprises. We conduct and execute the majority of electronic elections in Denmark and have recently established ourselves in London to explore the opportunities on the emerging market for electronic elections.

Posted 14 May 2014
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Assembly Voting Reaches 10 Million Voters

Assembly Voting has passed a milestone on account of this spring’s many trade unions elections on labour agreements: 10 million voters have now passed through our electoral systems.

Posted 28 April 2014
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New London Based Office

Assembly Voting has opened a London based office. Efforts are already under way to establish ourselves on the British market for democratic infrastructure.

Posted 25 April 2014
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Welcome to Assembly Voting's New website

We finally made it! :)

Posted 24 April 2014
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Danish Record: 96 candidates ran for a seat in the Integration Council

The election for the Integration Council in the Municipality of Frederiksberg has an exceptionally high amount of candidates. More than a hundred people announced their candidacy and 96 valid candidates ended on the ballot.

Posted 2 April 2014
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