Meeting System

Meeting System is designed to engage participation and to optimize the output of meetings in associations and organisations. The system ensures that any requirements to documentation etc. are met. At the same time Meeting System can act as a virtual forum for developing ideas, co-creation and coordination of tasks between meetings in various unions, associations, organisations, boards, etc.

Meeting System - to your requirements

Meeting System can be setup in various ways to suit statutory requirements. This makes Meeting System suitable for both public and private organisations; meeting the different requirements.

Meeting System is easy to use for both users and administrators and includes, among others, the following features:

  • User profiles with activities, notification and competences
  • Meeting phases; preperation, meeting and follow-up
  • Proposals/ideas with debate and co-creation
  • Resource sharing of things and services among users (incl geo-tagging)
  • Groups. Open or closed
  • Invitation function to meetings
  • Check-list for organising activities
  • Calendar
  • Candidacy registration, validation and presentation
  • Voting system to conduct statutory elections among users
  • News
  • Hotline support


High security level and user-friendliness 

Meeting System is a secure and user-friendly system enabling users to participate in different stages concentrated around formal meetings.

The Meeting System system provides full documentation of online meetings for external revision.

Meeting System in brief

Meeting System may be used as the framework for constructive meetings, where participants can engage before, during and after meetings. Meeting System enables documentation of meetings in e.g. Housing Associations, Municipal Institutions, Associations, etc.

  • Meeting System since 2010
  • Meeting System is developed and hosted in a certified environment
  • Secure login
  • Ongoing development eg. features, security and compatibility
  • Possible to integrate with Assembly Voting
  • Software-as-a-service subscription

Hotline Service

Phone and e-mail (8AM - 8PM)

IDA raises the PULSE with member participation