Conference System

Assembly Voting Conference System is designed for voting in accordance with legal regulations and articles of association at political meetings, general assemblies, delegate assemblies, municipal councils, etc.
The Conference solution can also be used as an on-the-fly polling among participants at political meetings, hearings and similar events.

Flexible and easy-to-use

Assembly Voting Conference supports most common types of voting and delivers a swift and documented election result. Amongst other things, the solution provides:

  • Quick set-up for a ballot. Voting can be pre-programmed and/or set up during the course of the conference
  • Easy-to-use voting units. Assembly Voting Conference is accessed via handed out voting-units. Additional configuration for iPad, computer and smart phone use is required
  • A swift election result. The result of the vote is determined immediately after closure and can be presented to the conference in an integrated results presentation
  • Anonymous or open voting. The system can be set up to run the election process fully anonymously or through an open vote (e.g. delegate election)
  • Voting documentation. Automatically generated report with a log of voting activity and the result

E2E-Conference system

Assembly Voting Conference System is a Full-Service Solution.

The Conference solution is easy to use for both voters and local administrators. If requested, Assembly Voting provides a consultant, who will be available at the conference location during the voting. A test is always executed before the opening of a conference vote.

Conference System in brief

A radio-controlled voting system enabling voting in accordance with legal regulations and articles of association in any location.The system is independent of internet connection.

  • Up to 2000 voters
  • Technical support at the voting location

Examples of election types

  • Candidate elections
  • Membership ballots
  • Simultaneous ballots

Voting principles

  • Maximum number of votes
  • Weighted voting

Voting media

  • Assembly Voting voting-units
  • PCs and computers
  • Tablet computers
  • Smartphones

The acquisition of Stofa was an important decision, so it was essential to execute an effective and unambiguous final vote - Niels Duedahl - CEO of SE

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