Candidate System

The Candidate System integrates candidate registration, validation and presentation in a single system making it much easier to put oneself forward as a candidate. Also, it represents a considerable reduction in the administrative resources used in processing candidates. From a voter’s perspective the presentation of candidates is similar and allows comparability, while helping to educate the voter and increase interest in the election. The system has dedicated 'candidate transactions' ensuring documentation in the confirmation procedure.

A Candidate System is set up in accordance with electoral regulations. The system is designed withthe client organising the election as the originator. The candidate system includes, among other things:

  • Registration of candidates and voters. Documented candidate and/or electoral register
  • Candidate and electoral register validation. Documented validation and confirmation procedure based on validation parameters
  • Supporter registration. Invitation functionality, documented registration and validation of supporters
  • Candidate presentations. Personal candidate login for the purpose of presenting their candidacy in text and images. Possible to link to a website, integrate with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIN, You Tube and individual websites.
  • Editing rules. Option to set a deadline after which candidate presentations are locked and can no longer be edited, e.g. at the opening of the voting process
  • Process requirements. Editing rules, closure of editing function, publication deadline, access to candidate overview

E2E Candidate solution

The Candidate System is a total solution ensuring that all requirements in connection with articles of association are met and that all necessary documentation is provided.

For each candidate module, Assembly Voting creates a detailed specification with different stages and their associated activities. Assembly Voting prepares (or assists) the individual elements in the candidate module, such as validation data, system set-up and candidate information. A test is always executed before the opening of the candidate module.

The Assembly Voting Candidate System is easily accessible to the candidates, supporters, ballot officers and external auditors. 

The Candidate system in brief

An integrated and easily accessible module for registration, validation and presentation of candidates. This includes the registration and validation of supporters.

  • Candidate system since 2006
  • Over 16.500 registered candidates
  • Flexible methods for validating
  • Used for e.g. Senior Council Elections, Integration Council Elections, Executive Board Elections, etc.

Types of poll

  • Candidate elections
  • Candidate and list elections

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