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Swedish Parliament party uses Assembly Voting self-service solution

The Swedish party Liberalerna, represented in Rigsdagen (The Swedish Parliament), has signed an agreement with Assembly Voting for a self-service digital democratic infrastructure. The service is implemented and Liberalerna are using the service for candidate registrations and more than 300 yearly elections among the members of the party. Liberalerna has decided to use a self-service solution where local election administrators handle every part of the candidate registrations and the election system themselves.

Posted 9 February 2017
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Expanding UK engagement

Voting members of societies, associations, groups and clubs in UK are already practicing their democratic rights using Assembly Voting. A recently signed partnership agreement with UK Engage, one of the largest providers of electoral services in the UK, will expand our UK activities in the years ahead.

Posted 4 January 2017
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4 times as many participants by digital democracy in housing associations

In collaboration with the housing organization fsb, Assembly Voting has completed Denmark's first 100% digital general meeting in the housing association Øselgården in Copenhagen.

Posted 19 December 2016
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Full service solution for TryghedsGruppen

Assembly Voting has signed an agreement with TryghedsGruppen regarding a full service solution for the upcoming Board of Representatives election in Southern Denmark. The election will be held from d. 23rd of January to the 10th of February 2017.

Posted 9 December 2016

Assembly Voting

Secure and user-friendly systems to conduct fully documented elections, candidacy registrations and formal meetings in compliance with legal requirements and statutory rules.

  • 17.5 million voters
  • Track record of more than 1800 held elections
  • 16.500 registrations of candidates
  • First ever held electronic election in Denmark in 2001
  • Most widely used system in Scandinavia to support elections and candidate presentation
  • Used in associations, organisations, political parties, municipalities and private companies
  • Sales partners in UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland


  • Voting Systems
  • Candidate System
  • Meeting System


  • Full service solutions
  • Self service solutions for internal elections in organisations
  • Solutions aimed at channel partners

Safe technology and documentation

  •  End-to-end verifiable encryption
  • Open source technology
  • Documented safe systems and processes
  • Ongoing revision from external third party auditors