A Vibrant Democracy with Active Citizens and Trustworthy Elections

By appointment to the People

Assembly Voting

Secure and user-friendly systems to conduct fully documented elections, candidacy registrations and formal meetings in compliance with legal requirements and statutory rules.

  • 15 million votes
  • Track record of more than 1000 held elections
  • 12.000 registration of candidates
  • First ever held electronic election in Denmark in 2001
  • Most widely used system in Scandinavia to support elections and candidate presentation
  • Used in associations, organisations, political parties, municipalities and private companies


  • Voting Systems
  • Candidate System
  • Meeting System


  • Full service solutions
  • Self service solutions for internal elections in organisations
  • Solutions aimed at channel partners

Safe technology and documentation

  •  End-to-end verifiable encryption
  • Open source technology
  • Documented safe systems and processes
  • Ongoing revision from external third party auditors